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life hacks

How to Make Making Cinnamon Toast Easier

[singlepic=501,560,560,,center] Who likes cinnamon toast? Me, that’s who. Also Mini. And yes, this could be filed under “UMM. . . DUH” since they do sell ready made cinnamon sugar on the spice aisle. But I’m all for making things a little bit more economically sound Twherever possible, and the markup on ready made cinnamon sugar […]

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro With Sean James, Hairstylist to the Stars

Here’s a video where you can watch Sean “balliage” (WTF?) and cut my hair, plus learn how to blow dry like a pro. It’s a little long, but you also get to hear me crack wise a time or two, which is always worth the wait. Blowdry Like a Pro With Sean James from anna […]

Toddler Airplane Behavior Management System (Beta Version)

So, yeah, the theory was, be prepared. Procure one impossibly cute toddler-sized backpack with a penguin on it. [singlepic=448,560,560,,center] Fill said impossibly cute backpack with assorted toys that toddler has never seen, including many toys with a transportation and/or construction theme. For thematic appropriateness, include a blue airplane toy if possible. [singlepic=449,560,560,,center] Add coloring book, […]

Merry G-Damn Christmas Decorations

[singlepic=438,560,560,,center] No, this is not what my house looks right now. We are going to our relatives’ house for Christmas this year, and since Mini is so young I figured he wouldn’t miss the decorations at home. But since it’s the holiday season, I figured I might as well show what I did last year. […]

Purseket Purse Organizer

[singlepic=420,750,750,,center] I went to The Container Store the other day to buy wrapping paper. Did I tell you that The Container Store has great wrapping paper? You probably already know. Anyhoo, as is usually the case with my trips to The Container Store, I came back with a few items that were definitely not on […]

How to Hang Pictures Without Putting Eighty-Five Million Holes in the Wall

[singlepic=419,560,560,,center] Ever wanted to hang your pictures in a nice arrangement, but shied away from elaborate gallery arrangements for fear of putting tons of holes in the wall? Well, you’re in luck. I learned this technique a few years back from (who else) Martha, and though it is somewhat labor-intensive, I think the end result […]

Custom Shopping Cart Cover by Angelyn Rose

[singlepic=406,560,560,,center] When I asked Mr. Right-Click to take this picture with his new Blackberry Storm–that’s right, Mr. Right-Click is one of the like three people in the world who got a Blackberry Storm this last week, he got up early to do it, and is a regular on Crackberry.com these days, apparently–he was like, “I […]

Destankify Your Washer with Smelly Washer Cleaner

[singlepic=407,560,560,,center] I have this annoying habit of leaving the wash in the washer so long that it starts to develop a musty smell. I don’t mean to do it, it’s just that the washer we have runs very long cycles, like way way longer than my attention span, so by the time it’s done, I’ve […]