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How to Make Making Cinnamon Toast Easier

[singlepic=501,560,560,,center] Who likes cinnamon toast? Me, that’s who. Also Mini. And yes, this could be filed under “UMM. . . DUH” since they do sell ready made cinnamon sugar on the spice aisle. But I’m all for making things a little bit more economically sound Twherever possible, and the markup on ready made cinnamon sugar […]

Toddler Airplane Behavior Management System (Beta Version)

So, yeah, the theory was, be prepared. Procure one impossibly cute toddler-sized backpack with a penguin on it. [singlepic=448,560,560,,center] Fill said impossibly cute backpack with assorted toys that toddler has never seen, including many toys with a transportation and/or construction theme. For thematic appropriateness, include a blue airplane toy if possible. [singlepic=449,560,560,,center] Add coloring book, […]

Custom Shopping Cart Cover by Angelyn Rose

[singlepic=406,560,560,,center] When I asked Mr. Right-Click to take this picture with his new Blackberry Storm–that’s right, Mr. Right-Click is one of the like three people in the world who got a Blackberry Storm this last week, he got up early to do it, and is a regular on Crackberry.com these days, apparently–he was like, “I […]

I’m Still Sick, So Today, Instead of Another Fascinating Story About Tanya Written in the Second Person, You’ll be Reading a Non-Sponsored Post About Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

[singlepic=345,540,540,,center] First of all, let me say that this is not a sponsored post. Yes, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser appears on the ad sections of this site like 85 million times per day. But that is just coincidence. Because a few years ago, when Mr. Clean first released the Magic Eraser, I was like, “How […]

Slip Sliding Away

My son is relatively new to this whole walking thing, and sometimes he slides on our wannabe Pergo floors if he’s wearing socks. Usually, socks made for babies/toddlers come with treads on the bottom to help kids avoid this problem, but Mini’s feet (to which Mr. Right-Click affectionately refers as “boats,” e.g. “the S.S. Mini,” […]