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529 Accounts and The Volatile Market: Reader Question

[singlepic=50,750,750,,center]Photo by CFSparta Hi Anna, I love your financial advice/information, so I came up with a question for you–and no surprise, it’s baby related! If you feel so inclined to share your wisdom… We’re starting to look into the idea of a 529 [education savings account] for the little one–something I believe you’ve got Mini […]

Financial Sanity 101: 6 Steps To Understanding Investing

Investing is distinguished from savings by the introduction of risk. As I discussed in my post about savings, a good savings plan is not exciting because it does not involve risk. A savings account involves a stable interest rate, with low returns and little expectation of gain. You just want to keep your savings somewhere […]

5 Things to Do/Have/Buy/Arrange For If You Want to be a Grown Up

Well, it’s Monday again, so it’s time for a list, and I had a little trouble coming up with an idea this week. I felt like I needed to talk about insurance again, but an in-depth discussion of insurance doesn’t lend itself nicely to a list. So then I thought, hey, when I was getting […]