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internet culture

8 of My Ill-Fated Attempts At Starting a Twitter Meme

According to last night’s Mad Men, there never was a “London Fog.” It was industrial refuse! Charles Dickens & all that! #fogwithintegrity In LA, we own our environmental hazards. We don’t sell products called “LA Fog” because–well, who would fall for that? #smogwithintegrity We try to encourage the use of reclaimed wood in all of […]

49 Words That Are Way Overused Either In The Blogosphere Or By Lauren Conrad And Others Of Her Ilk. Or Both.

drama carbs follow follower followers kittehs sparkle LOVE. twit tweet shred head mom integrity douchebag badge vadge dunzo lululemon I can has [Yes, that last one was a phrase, but my point stands.] drama viral noes [wait, that’s not a word, is it?] drama follow follower followers troll text [the last one is overused by […]

16 Situations In Which Your Update In Status May Be Beyond The Purview Of The Facebook “Update Status” Feature

You’re an insanely wealthy teenager currently featured on a Bravo reality TV show and you’ve decided that, yeah, maybe you are gay. “Or something.” You’re the governor of a large and sparsely populated state and you’re kind of sick of it, thinking about quitting. You used to be the governor of a large and sparsely […]

18 Tweets You Might See, If Charles Dickens Used Twitter

Right. This is bollocks. I get paid by the word, do you see? Do you see my objection? How am I to introduce 42 characters w/ peculiar names, dead-end plots, obscure origins, and mysterious benefactors, in less than 140 charact Yarg. QED. #twitterfail gal loses pregnancy, decides to wear maternity clothes 4evr, w8 4 baby […]

50 Ideas For Websites I Had This Morning

Cute Things Sneezing Cute Things Crying When Cute Things Attack I Can Haz Cute Thing? Cute Things In The Midst Of Existential Dilemmas Cute Things That Really Aren’t All That Cute Octomommyblog I Can Haz Hate Octomommyblog? Confessions of a WASPy, Old-Money Bostonian The Old-Money Bostonian’s Housekeeper Cooks! The Old-Money Bostonian: Portraiture The Old-Money Bostonian: […]

9 Innocent Victims of The Twitter Phishing Scheme and their Fraudulent Updates!

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] Well, Twitter was abuzz this weekend with its first phishing scandal! Yes, apparently a bunch of DMs (direct messages, for the uninitiated) were sent to individual twitter users in an attempt to steal twitter logins and passwords. Twitter users were DMed at random and encouraged to click on a link. That link? Took them […]

18 Tweets You Might See, If Freud Used Twitter

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] [Author’s note: Look, I’ve never been one to mess with a good thing, and I have no qualms about selling out. So, since last week’s list was such an astounding success, why stray too far off course?] So, I was like, “Tell me about your father,” and he’s like, “He’s dead.” And so I […]

18 Tweets You Might See, If Shakespeare Used Twitter

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] Need Photoshop expert with mad skillz in hiding Adam’s apples. DM me if interested. Is it realistic that a king would be convinced his wife is unfaithful based only on a misplaced handkerchief? Pls tweet yes or no kthanxbai. I’m not comfortable with the title of bard, yet. I think of myself as an […]

12 Ideas Motrin Ditched Before They Greenlighted the BabyWearing Ad

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] Have you seen the Motrin ad about how it’s a good thing to take if you have been wearing your baby so much that you’re in pain? It’s on Youtube now, in case you haven’t seen it yet. And the #motrinmoms were all aTwitter about it. I’m not going to embed it here, because […]