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How much do mommy bloggers make

How much do mommy bloggers make through their blogs and blog-related activities? How do they make it? How do we know?

Parent Affiliate Marketing: Incredibly Simple Ways to Make Money At Home

Parent Affiliate Marketing? Who in the What Now? Next to selling their own products and services, parent affiliate marketing might be the smartest and easiest way of monetizing a parenting blog after the great parenting blog income crash of 2011. Now that display advertising is not paying what it used to, and most bloggers have […]

How To Optimize Your Blog For Getting Deals With Book Marketers [Advice From A Publishing Exec]

Today I’m excited to announce a guest post from a publishing industry insider. By day, Ginger works as a marketing executive in the publishing industry, and below she has provided some thoughts on how bloggers can optimize their blogs for partnerships with publishing companies looking to advertise. You can check out Ginger’s blog here. Thanks, […]

Promotional Method: Sponsored Posts That Aren’t Technically Sponsored Posts

There’s a tactic for promotion in blogs that has been gaining popularity about which I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, it annoys the crap out of me that bloggers who do this assume nobody can connect the dots. But on the other hand I’m kind of impressed with their ingenuity, too, so I’m […]