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How to Make Making Cinnamon Toast Easier

[singlepic=501,560,560,,center] Who likes cinnamon toast? Me, that’s who. Also Mini. And yes, this could be filed under “UMM. . . DUH” since they do sell ready made cinnamon sugar on the spice aisle. But I’m all for making things a little bit more economically sound Twherever possible, and the markup on ready made cinnamon sugar […]

Merry G-Damn Christmas Decorations

[singlepic=438,560,560,,center] No, this is not what my house looks right now. We are going to our relatives’ house for Christmas this year, and since Mini is so young I figured he wouldn’t miss the decorations at home. But since it’s the holiday season, I figured I might as well show what I did last year. […]

How to Hang Pictures Without Putting Eighty-Five Million Holes in the Wall

[singlepic=419,560,560,,center] Ever wanted to hang your pictures in a nice arrangement, but shied away from elaborate gallery arrangements for fear of putting tons of holes in the wall? Well, you’re in luck. I learned this technique a few years back from (who else) Martha, and though it is somewhat labor-intensive, I think the end result […]

Destankify Your Washer with Smelly Washer Cleaner

[singlepic=407,560,560,,center] I have this annoying habit of leaving the wash in the washer so long that it starts to develop a musty smell. I don’t mean to do it, it’s just that the washer we have runs very long cycles, like way way longer than my attention span, so by the time it’s done, I’ve […]

How to Make an Elegant Poop Cover; Or, How to Really Dress Up The Shoji Screen That You Are Using to Hide Your Catbox

[singlepic=395,560,560,,center] For a few years now, we’ve been using a shoji screen to hide the catbox. This is a useful tip if you have a toddler in the house, because sometimes toddlers get curious about the little clumps of “dirt” in the “sandbox,” I would imagine–though Mini has yet to try this (knock on wood). […]

I’m Still Sick, So Today, Instead of Another Fascinating Story About Tanya Written in the Second Person, You’ll be Reading a Non-Sponsored Post About Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

[singlepic=345,540,540,,center] First of all, let me say that this is not a sponsored post. Yes, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser appears on the ad sections of this site like 85 million times per day. But that is just coincidence. Because a few years ago, when Mr. Clean first released the Magic Eraser, I was like, “How […]

How to Tie a Perfect Bow; Or, How to Tie a Tiffany Bow, If You’re Into That Sort of Thing

[singlepic=271,560,340,,center] . Assemble your materials: a wrapped present, scissors, and double-sided ribbon (this ribbon has different colors on each side, but all you need to do is make sure both sides are finished so that all of the ribbon looks nice when the bow is done. [singlepic=259,560,340,,center] . Wrap the ribbon around the box lengthwise […]