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12 Clever Uses For And Fun Facts About: Onions!

[singlepic=55,560,560,,center]Photo by aannnddddi Well, kids, it’s Monday again, and that means one thing around these parts: lists! And on ABDPBT Personal Finance, the tradition is becoming a list about crazy frugal websites and their uses for common household items. I’ve noticed quite a few cropping up lately about how to put onions to more use, […]

14 Crazy Alternative Uses For Coffee

[singlepic=51,560,560,,center]Photo by emolawn For this week’s Monday list post, I’ve once again culled the interwebs to collect crazy repurposing tips for common household products. Somebody, somewhere, must like these tip lists as much as I do–I know it, because there’s a bazillion of them everywhere. Now, I should note that I’ve not used most of […]

Just Married: Maintain Separate Accounts?

[singlepic=34,560,560,,center]Photo by chiseled marble I know somebody who is getting a divorce. I’m sure you do as well, but this person’s financial situation is somewhat unusual in that there are a lot of marital assets, and the spouse has used real estate and arrangements with his/her employer to hide additional assets from the eyes of […]

Announcing . . . The Big Menu Planning Post I Promised You A Long Time Ago And Never Did, That I Ripped Off From Simple Mom

Try to contain your excitement, people, for today is the day I reveal the super secret and fantastic menu planning methodology I’ve been hinting at for a while, but never explained, and also that I filched off of Simple Mom. If you don’t know about Simple Mom already, I highly recommend her site for the […]