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5 Banking Hacks That You May Or May Not Already Know About, That Your Bank May Or May Not Offer

By now, you’re probably aware that banks offer tons of different services and features, based on the type of account and how badly they want to retain your business. You probably know about most of the more popular services available, but I’m hoping to be able to expose some less publicized features today. Please note […]

8 Things I Still Waste Money On (Upon Which I Still Waste Money? Who Cares?)

I haven’t really been on my personal financial game of late. Oh sure, we’re still using our household budget, and I’ve even been cooking dinner with my new menu plan that I totally ripped off from Simple Mom (nope, not ready to link her yet, still in denial). But there’s a little leeway in our […]

6 Extended Musings On The Possibilities Of Taking On Additional Liabilities In a Down Market

I may have mentioned before that Mr. Right-Click and I are thinking about having another baby. Now, we haven’t made concrete plans about this, and I’m not pregnant or anything, so don’t get all excited. And it’s certainly possible that we won’t be able to get pregnant, now that I’m at the age of doom […]

Depression Era Cooking: Turns Out, It’s Not As Depressing As I Thought

I don’t know if I mentioned here or elsewhere that I’ve been trying to cook more often lately. This is for a couple of reasons: one, to save money on all the multitudes of prepared and processed foods we buy at the grocery store; two, to make sure that Mr. Right-Click has something to eat […]

5 Things to Do/Have/Buy/Arrange For If You Want to be a Grown Up

Well, it’s Monday again, so it’s time for a list, and I had a little trouble coming up with an idea this week. I felt like I needed to talk about insurance again, but an in-depth discussion of insurance doesn’t lend itself nicely to a list. So then I thought, hey, when I was getting […]

10 Ideas for Making the Holidays Cheaper and Easier That Don’t Involve Giving Your Friends and Family Gifts They Will Immediately Throw Away

[singlepic=3,560,560,,center] Well, I guess it’s official now: the economy is truly in the shitter. How do I know this, you ask? Because this year, Oprah’s annual “Favorite Things” show featured gift ideas that “cost next to nothing!” Yeah. I’m not sure, but I think that might be one of the signs of the apocalypse. How […]