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5 Travel Tips For Cheap And/Or Lazy People Who Insist On Having Everything Just So, Even When They’re Away From Home

I’m not a big traveler, myself. I’m rather set in my ways, you see, and prefer to have things the way I like them. I’ve found that when traveling, you have even less control over your environment, and this is a reality that terrifies me. Our trip last week reminded me how annoying it can […]

15 Sports That Require You To Be Filthy Rich (Or Dirt Poor)

This week, a list carefully compiled and researched by yours truly with the intention of protecting would-be frugal individuals from blowing their budgets on sports wholly inappropriate to their class identities. That’s right, these sports are ones at which you cannot ever hope to excel unless you are extremely rich, or dirt poor. So everyone […]

Card Star iPhone App Digitally Stores All Your Rewards Program Cards–Free For A Limited Time

[singlepic=58,320,240,,left]I remember reading a suggestion a few months ago that you store your ID and rewards program cards as photos in your iPhone to save room in your wallet. I never tried it myself, since I was skeptical that it would work–the resolution on the iPhone camera is not that great, and I wasn’t sure […]

12 Clever Uses For And Fun Facts About: Onions!

[singlepic=55,560,560,,center]Photo by aannnddddi Well, kids, it’s Monday again, and that means one thing around these parts: lists! And on ABDPBT Personal Finance, the tradition is becoming a list about crazy frugal websites and their uses for common household items. I’ve noticed quite a few cropping up lately about how to put onions to more use, […]

14 Crazy Alternative Uses For Coffee

[singlepic=51,560,560,,center]Photo by emolawn For this week’s Monday list post, I’ve once again culled the interwebs to collect crazy repurposing tips for common household products. Somebody, somewhere, must like these tip lists as much as I do–I know it, because there’s a bazillion of them everywhere. Now, I should note that I’ve not used most of […]