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for the cook

5 Edible Or Food-Related Gift Ideas

1. Pizza Clippers Hey look! Pizza Clippers! 2. Compost Cookies I don’t even know what to say about these except: “Yes, please!” (Via A Cup of Jo). 3. Chop Round Knife Why not make chopping more fun (or, you know, just slightly easier) with this Chop Round Knife by LucidiPevere Studio? I mean, other than […]

S-XL Cake Mold

Here’s a solution for those annoying stick-thin people at every cake-enabled party who are like, “Oh, just a small slice for me, please,” while they eyeball your ass like they haven’t seen anything that big since Shamu. And then you’re thinking, “Screw you, lady, just for that, I’ll take the extra large piece AND a […]