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financial sanity 101

3 Blogs About Money and Consumerism That You Should Be Reading

Sometimes staying on track financially is tough, particularly if you feel like you’re not surrounded by a bunch of likeminded people. This is where the internet comes in: the blogosphere is filled with tons of people who know lots of stuff about personal finance, budgeting, consumer activisim, and other subjects and who share the wealth […]

5 Money-Saving Actions That Are Just Not Freaking Worth It, If You Ask Me

I’m all for saving money whenever you can, but sometimes you get into your debt snowball and debt snowflaking groove, and you can start to take things a little too far. You start seeing ways to cut costs everywhere you go, including using products you would never otherwise consider, or discontinuing the use of some […]

Announcing the ABDPBT Personal Finance Snowflaking-Is-The-New-Hotness Pageant!

Well, after writing about debt snowflaking yesterday, I decided it was time to conduct an experiment. Perhaps experiment is not the right word. Demonstration? Production? Pageant? I don’t know. But I thought maybe it would be interesting to see just how much this debt snowflaking thing can do in real terms. And to demonstrate for […]