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financial sanity 101

Why The Backlash Against Debit Cards Confuses And Perplexes Me

I don’t have to tell you that I’m not a typical personal finance blogger: I don’t recycle my toilet paper rolls, and I use dryer sheets exclusively in the manner in which God intended, viz. to scent and soften mine and my family’s clothing as it gently tumbles in my natural-gas-guzzling dryer. To add insult […]

Stop Gap Jobs: Your Defense Against Petty Debt

[singlepic=62,560,560,,center]Photo by Rozzyraspberry Let’s face it: I’ve been writing this damn blog long enough to start inventing financial terms. I mean, really, what kind of qualifications does one have to have to be a personal finance guru? If Suze Orman is any measure, you apparently don’t need good taste in jackets. Or any consistency in […]

5 Thoughts On Suze Orman’s 5 Recession Rescue Steps As Presented On Oprah Last Week

I read somewhere that Suze Orman is the blue state version of Dave Ramsey–I’m pretty sure I read that and didn’t make it up myself, I should say. And I do think this is superficially true: Suze is a woman, she’s self-made, she’s a lesbian, and is presumably more liberal in a social sense than […]