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fiction. sorta.

The First Other Anna

People, if when you finish this, you decide you haven’t had enough myopic navel-gazing for a Friday morning, please go check out my guest post today at Stefanie Wilder-Taylor’s blog, Baby On Bored. We’ll be talking about not drinking, so be sure to bring your dancing shoes. The first time you met somebody who shared […]

Tanya: Creature of the Night

People, we’re on vacation this week at this quaint place that doesn’t have wireless internet. This makes it hard to do new blog posts, and also there are these things called “family time” and “relaxation” that keep getting in the way of blogging progress. So today we’re in reruns–I’m bringing back a classic Tanya story […]

Be Nice

[singlepic=556,560,560,,center] Though she had never been into dolls, in most ways, Charlotte Sometimes could pass for an ordinary girl of six. She did not like them–not baby dolls, not princess dolls, not even the politically incorrect Barbie, or her dowdy friend, Skipper–not the dolls that ate and peed, sat and cried, smiled and cooed. It […]

Jean-Paul Sartorialist and Simone DeBoringWear: A Love Story

The thing about Anna and Mr. Right-Click was, that for all they had in common, there were those ways in which they seemed to come from different planets. Their tastes in clothing, for example, could not have been more opposite. Anna’s style was sedate–WASPy, even, though in recent years, time and the complication of spit-up […]