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Velocity Sock by lululemon

[This review originally appeared on ABDPBT on July 22, 2009] Not only do these socks by lululemon come with “L” and “R” embroidered into them, they are very cushion-y and colorful. But the more exciting part is their inclusion of silver thread in the lining, which is a naturally antimicrobial substance and as such it […]

Swiftly Tech Silver-Threaded Running Shirt by lululemon:Run

I have this shirt in three different colors because I like it so much. I have a policy: for every month that you are exercising regularly, buy yourself a nice piece of workout gear as a reward and to encourage yourself to keep going. As a result, I have done my part to keep lululemon […]

Asics Gel DS-Trainer Running Shoes

Your running shoes are like shock absorbers for your entire body. Did you know you’re supposed to buy new running shoes every 500 miles? Chances are you do (if you’re running that much), but if you’ve noticed some pain in your knees after running, it might be time for new shoes. I like light shoes […]