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Why The Backlash Against Debit Cards Confuses And Perplexes Me

I don’t have to tell you that I’m not a typical personal finance blogger: I don’t recycle my toilet paper rolls, and I use dryer sheets exclusively in the manner in which God intended, viz. to scent and soften mine and my family’s clothing as it gently tumbles in my natural-gas-guzzling dryer. To add insult […]

ABDPBT Personal Finance Debt Snowflaking Pageant: Week 5 1/2 Progress Report

It’s been a slow week and a half here at the Right-Click household when it comes to debt snowflaking. After the astonishing success of the extra payments of 10 days ago, my little snowflakes seem so paltry and insignificant. But, isn’t it the spirit of the grand ABPDBT Personal Finance Debt Snowflaking Pageant that no […]

Refinancing v. Loan “Modification”: What is the Difference?

[singlepic=11,560,560,,center] If you are looking to refinance your home in the near future (as we are), you will probably be deluged with a ton of offers from various sources offering you better interest rates and “lower payments” on your existing mortgage. These offers are often from Loan modification companies, which are part of an industry […]