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commodity fetishism

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro With Sean James, Hairstylist to the Stars

Here’s a video where you can watch Sean “balliage” (WTF?) and cut my hair, plus learn how to blow dry like a pro. It’s a little long, but you also get to hear me crack wise a time or two, which is always worth the wait. Blowdry Like a Pro With Sean James from anna […]

Patagonia Capilene “Baselayer” aka Long Underwear aka Infant/Toddler Pajamas

[singlepic=485,560,560,center] When we went back east for the holidays, we realized that Mini’s pajamas were not designed for colder weather. They did the job, but naturally we are always on the lookout for new pajamas for him–what is it about buying kids’ clothes that is just way more fun than buying clothes for yourself? I’m […]