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business 2.0

First Draft Of Email Advertising Solicitation Letter For Your Review And Critique PLUS — A Poll!

Hey everybody, I’ve come up with a draft for the email solicitation for advertising I plan to send out to a list of various small business owners that I’ve been keeping over the past few months. I’m hoping you all will look it over and offer your critique and comments as needed: the input on […]

Mainstream Media and PR Solicitations: When Should You Bother?

There have been a ton of mommybloggers in the mainstream media lately, and after wading through post after post discussing these appearances, it occurred to me that not enough people were giving these kinds of appearances enough thought before agreeing to participate them. We don’t really have a manual on how to sort through the […]

Concessions To The Pioneer Woman: Is BlogHer Giving More Ads To The Pioneer Woman At Our Expense?

A little birdie called my attention to this post at My Sister’s Farmhouse alleging that there are some kind of shady dealings going on with the recent contract made between BlogHer Ads and Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman. I decided to take a look for myself, since the goings on of advertising in the […]