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business 2.0

5 Ways The Blogosphere Is Like The Entertainment Industry

Viewing “blogging” (or blogging-related activities) as a means of making money is still fairly new. Whenever I’m not sure how to articulate how something should work, I tend to look at the entertainment industry, because I think it is the closest thing there is to how the “blogging industry” (or social media, if you’d rather […]

Thoughts On Mouth Media’s I (Still) Do Event In Las Vegas

Several of you have asked why I haven’t discussed Heather Spohr and Brittany Gibbons’ new endeavor, Mouth Media, and especially, the event they are planning in Las Vegas, I Still Do. Here’s the deal: Heather and Brittany are friends of mine, and I had originally planned on recusing myself from a discussion of their project […]

Trust Capital In The Mommyblogosphere

The success of mommyblogging depends upon trust capital. Bloggers grow their trust capital with their audiences over time through sincere engagement with readers. The trend in the mommyblogging niche toward direct brand engagement in the content column–rather than as display or secondary engagement–is contrary to the concept of building trust capital. This type of monetization […]

Cliqueshop: Design Mom’s New Project

If you watch Gabrielle Blair’s every move as intently as I do, then you’ll have noticed that she recently launched a new project, CliqueShop that launched earlier this week. Cliqueshop is a kind of group buying, coupon clearinghouse that is the kind of thing you might get if you merged a sample sale membership discount […]

Why TyrantCam Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of The Blurbodoocery In . . . A While

If you’re not familiar with Dooce’s new(ish) assistant, Tyrant, and his Verizon-sponsored Flickr feed, Uploads from TyrantCam, it’s time to subscribe. Here’s why: after all of these years, TyrantCam is the closest we have ever gotten, and probably the closest we will ever get, to an unvarnished, third-party look inside the Blurbodoocery. Dooce and Jon […]