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What I’ve Learned About Selling Private Ads For ABDPBT — Plus: DEALS

Hey kids. It’s time to check in with the great monetization project again, and I thought I’d get you all caught up on the ad situation here at ABDPBT. I’ve been selling my own ads here for over a month, with some success here and there, and I’ve picked up a few pieces of advice […]

5 Things I Learned In My First (Almost) Two Years Of (Almost) Full Time Blogging

Last Monday, I posted a list of recommendations for small bloggers looking to monetize. The recommendations I made prompted a few questions regarding timelines and what kind of results to expect, and as I began to answer I realized that perhaps it would be better to just write a post on the topic. In July, […]

Understanding The BlogHer Ad Tier System: Part One

This is the first in several posts explaining the statistical evidence I have found that suggests there is a tier system that — together with traffic — governs how much money publishers on the BlogHer Ad network make from running advertisements on their blogs. For a review of what I’ve discussed already on the topic, […]

So . . . About That Post That’s Been Giving Me A Headache

Turns out it’s not just one post. It’s more like a series of posts, or possibly a new reason for Brian Williams to set up a fake house in Middle America and invite people over for sweet tea and cookies. I cannot explain everything in one post, people, it’s impossible. But I’m going to chip […]

What I’ve Learned From The Great ABDPBT Product Placement Experiment Thusfar

Well, folks, the first experiment with product placement on ABDPBT is now up for your perusal on a carefully redesigned page (so as to not befoul my wonderfully lucrative BlogHer branded ads by promoting a far more generous another business alongside them). Please do read the write-up when you get a chance, and consider patronizing […]

First Draft Of Email Advertising Solicitation Letter For Your Review And Critique PLUS — A Poll!

Hey everybody, I’ve come up with a draft for the email solicitation for advertising I plan to send out to a list of various small business owners that I’ve been keeping over the past few months. I’m hoping you all will look it over and offer your critique and comments as needed: the input on […]

The Great ABDPBT Product Placement Experiment Update

A while back, I announced plans to start trying to implement the Mayflower Model for blog product placement here at ABDPBT. My original plan was to somehow target the placements around the trip to BlogHer that I’ll be taking in July, but as it turns out we have a more pressing opportunity for product placement […]

Everything You Need To Know About The ABDPBT Featured Bloggers Program

When I first started blogging (almost two years ago), I ran a text ad on Dooce for several months, and many of my longtime readers originally found me this way. The ABDPBT Featured Bloggers Program launching this week is my effort at recreating this kind of specially targeted advertising space for other bloggers in my […]