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breakfast of champions with mini

My First Magical Experience at The Americana at Brand, Also Known As The Greatest Place on Earth. By Mini Right-Click.

After sundry daytrips to silly places like the Getty Center, the Treehouse Social Club, and Disneyland, Mommy and Daddy finally pulled out all of the stops and took me to The Greatest Place on Earth a couple of weeks ago. That’s right, they took me to, can you believe it?! the new Americana at Brand […]

Breakfast at the Getty Museum Sucks. But Lunch is Pretty Good. By Mini Right-Click.

[singlepic=368,560,560,,center] A couple of weeks ago we went to the Getty Center. Have you been there? Even if you haven’t, you might have seen it from the 405 Freeway. It’s a giant white structure done in the great architectural tradition of Miami Vice. Except tasteful. The Getty Center is situated high above Los Angeles in […]

Halloween 2008: A Retrospective. By Mini Right-Click.

Well, it’s been five days now, and I’ve had time to think about it–you know, really reflect on the events of last week. And what I’ve decided . . . is that, basically, Halloween is a freaky ass holiday. I’m not saying I don’t like it, OK? Don’t get all worked up. I’m just saying […]

I Visit the Happiest Place On Earth and Meet This Dude Called Mickey Mouse, Who Seems Pretty Cool. By Mini Right-Click.

[singlepic=315,540,440,,center] So I wake up on Sunday morning, and before I even know which way is up, I notice Mommy and Daddy are acting geekier than usual. I’ll level with you, I try to be patient with them, but before I’ve had my milky milk in the morning, sometimes I’m just not ready to deal […]

Heads Up, Peeps: The Norton Simon Museum Has Bitchen Statues of Naked Ladies! A Guest Post by Mini Right-Click

[singlepic=292,560,700,,center] This weekend, I took Mommy and Daddy to the Norton Simon Museum of Art. Trust me, they can benefit from the cultural enrichment. In case you don’t already know, the Norton Simon Museum has a pretty decent collection, particularly for an LA museum. I mean, let’s be honest: it’s not the Met, but what […]

Breakfast of Champions . . . in a Tree House . . . With Coffee and Scones? Are You KIDDING ME?! by Mini

[singlepic=229,540,440,,center] A couple weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy took me to a place called The Treehouse Social Club, which is a place where parents can take their kids, eat breakfast, and let their kids play. The Treehouse Social Club was started by some people from The Industry. When you capitalize it like that–The Industry–it means […]

“Mini Spa Day” Copyright ®2008 By Mini Right-Click. All Rights Reserved. All Unauthorized Use Will Be Prosecuted.

[singlepic=165,440,330,,center] It was a Sunday, and Mommy and Daddy were fresh out of ideas for “enrichment activities” for me. Mommy said it was time to get another haircut, so they conferred, and decided that, at my age, getting a haircut is probably just as “enriching” as going to a museum. I found this assertion somewhat […]

Aquarium Schuamarium: Another Guest Post By Mini In The Style of Breakfast of Champions

[singlepic=87,440,330,,center] Mommy said since everybody liked my last guest post, and because it caused “a spike in her page views,” she would let me post again sometime. Today she has to go see somebody called Psychiatrist, who I think is the person who convinces her that staying in bed all day and forcing me to […]

Zootopia; Or, Mini Guest Posts in the Style of Breakfast of Champions

[singlepic=42,750,750,,center] Sunday is family day, and this week we went to the Los Angeles Zoo. Daddy says this zoo is also known as the Crappiest Excuse for a Zoo He Has Ever Seen, Given this is the Second Largest City in the United States. They decided to take the stroller, so that when I refused […]