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12 Things That Are Almost As Crazy As Kelly Killoren Bensimon On St. John. But Not Quite.

The writing staff of Lost — if they think I’m buying the deus-ex-machina “explaining” the black smoke monster was planned from day one — not to mention what other crocks of shit they plan to feed me about the island and its majesty later on this evening. The eyes of Shannon Brown, Grant Hill, and […]

11 Problems With Watching The Real Housewives Of New York And The Real Housewives Of New Jersey In The Same Week

Sonja’s sex hair — while admittedly still wildly inappropriate for lunch with Jill and Ramona at the Four Seasons — is still not big enough for the Sheriff’s dinner in Franklin Lakes. Ramona’s eyes are almost as crazy as Danielle actually is. On RHONY, “Brooklyn” is an insult. On “RHONJ,” “Jersey” is not an insult. […]

11 Things That Change For The Better After You Lose Your Phony Euro Non-Landed Title To Divorce

You can drink beer out of a bottle again. You never have to play doubles tennis with a guy wearing floral shorts again. You may not be a Countess anymore, but at least you don’t have CRAZY EYES. No more confusion on magazine subscription cards–happily check “Ms.” and be done with it. Next time you […]

Not So Cute: Kelly From The Real Housewives of New York City

[singlepic=527,320,240,,right]Do you watch The Real Houswives of New York City? I do. Oh yes. And this season is so much better than last season, since we actually get to see more of the Countess being a snobby bitch, and Ramona is starting to seem like one of the more reasonable members of the clan, despite […]

Sesame Street: Timeless Childhood Fun or Dated Hippy Dippy/Commie Pinko Propaganda?

[singlepic=150,440,330,,center] So, Mini and I were watching Sesame Street this morning. His first time. He appears to be a fan. . Yeah, yeah–I know we aren’t, strictly speaking, supposed to be letting him watch TV yet. I know this because the smug pediatrician (who has no children) told me that TV watching before the age […]