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16 Things To Pack When You Quit The Internet

Your favorite pair of Bad Idea jeans. A coordinating set of self-important separates. A travel-size container full of self-righteous indignation. Your warmest winter’s frost metaphor. One glass house. A bag full of stones. No sense of humor (do not attempt to borrow). A ream of cease-and-desist letters. An conspicuous lack of humility. (Pack this in […]

Give a Blogger Enough Velvet Rope And She Will Hang Herself: (Very) Extensive Notes on BlogHer 2009, Social Niceties, Social Media, and Branding The New Web Order

Are there cliques within the parenting community at BlogHer conferences? Is there an “in” crowd of mommy bloggers, or does blogging really allow us to finally break free from the social, geographical, political, racial, ethnic, and class boundaries that still alienate us in our daily, “in real” lives? Based upon my experience the past few […]

7 Abbreviations and Slang Terms That Are Kinda Douchey

[singlepic=240,560,330,,center] “App” instead of “Application.” Yeah yeah, I know everyone’s so into their iPhones, and part of it has to do with all the neat little “apps” you can get to make your life easier. But come on dudes, since when is a program called an “app”? I am well aware that there’s an app […]