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blogging basics

Why You Should Always Remember That Most People Have No Taste

Everybody wonders why some popular blogs are popular, when there are smaller blogs that are more interesting that stay unsuccessful. Though this is not always the case, it’s often very difficult to discern why one blog makes it and another blog doesn’t, particularly if you are prone to forgetting the reality that most people have […]

More Unsolicited Advice On Content Campaigns In Social Media

It was almost a year ago that I attended the Mom 2.0 Summit in Houston and listened to a keynote address from Heather Armstrong (Dooce), Maggie Mason (Mighty Girl), and Gabrielle Blair (Design Mom). Their keynote was excellent. In large part this is why I had been recommending the Mom 2.0 Summit to people who […]

Why You Should Always Be Paid To Run A Giveaway On Your Blog

Let’s talk about blog giveaways today, shall we? They are becoming more and more popular, and the rules for compensation more and more vague. Some bloggers are being paid huge sums of cash to run giveaways on their blogs, while others are expected to promote giveaways on multiple social media platforms without even the offer […]