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Reasons You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Hire A Mommy Blog Consultant

Here’s the deal: the world doesn’t need any more blog consultants. You know this, I know this, everyone knows this. The words “social media expert” have become so overused that putting it on your Twitter profile almost enough to mark yourself as a spambot. Nevertheless, there are some cases where it might be worthwhile to […]

How To Fire Your Ad Network And Start Making Money From Your Blog

Well, friends, after all this time, it’s finally here! The much-anticipated, completely free, much-hyped ABDPBT guide to selling advertising on your blog, How To Fire Your Ad Network & Start Making Money From Your Blog is done! Finally! I know! I know! It took me forever to finish it. That’s because I didn’t want it […]

If I Do This And It Works, I Have To Add Reality Show To The List Of EVENTs

This morning I headed over to the Sheraton New York to interview for a possible potential place in a reality show about mommybloggers. Now, this is all very hypothetical. So, please stop freaking out. I have extremely mixed feelings about the prospect of a reality show for obvious reasons — I don’t even show my […]

5 Things To Be Included In My Forthcoming FREE Guide To Selling Private Ads

Today I’m excited to let you all in on a project I’ve been working on lately: an ebook that compiles all of the information I’ve gathered on selling private advertisements for blogs, as well as other forms of more experimental private blog monetization. This ebook will not only put all of the stuff I’ve already […]

First Draft Of Email Advertising Solicitation Letter For Your Review And Critique PLUS — A Poll!

Hey everybody, I’ve come up with a draft for the email solicitation for advertising I plan to send out to a list of various small business owners that I’ve been keeping over the past few months. I’m hoping you all will look it over and offer your critique and comments as needed: the input on […]

Everything You Need To Know About The ABDPBT Featured Bloggers Program

When I first started blogging (almost two years ago), I ran a text ad on Dooce for several months, and many of my longtime readers originally found me this way. The ABDPBT Featured Bloggers Program launching this week is my effort at recreating this kind of specially targeted advertising space for other bloggers in my […]