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BlogHer Welcome Letter

Below is the text of the BlogHer Ad Network welcome letter. Note that there is no language that suggests this is the only welcome letter, or that it is the one they send to everyone.




My name is Jenny Lauck, and together with my co-producer, Jenifer Scharpen, we’d like to welcome you to the BlogHerAds network. Jenifer and I, along with our team of editors, want to make sure you understand and enjoy your new relationship with us.

To that end, we’d like to give you an overview on some of the special features of our network, and introduce you to the tools you’ll use to access your information.

We’d also like to provide you with information about where to place your ad units, tell you how you can host additional advertising, and explain our review policy.

Please save this email and read our newsletter each week for key updates! 🙂 We’ve learned that you’ll want to save the information in this email for future reference. Also, it’s important that you check your email weekly for the BlogHerAds team newsletter so that you have the latest information on how we are working together.

If questions arise as you review this information, or at any point in the future, Jenifer and I are at your service.


Finding your ad code

Your ad code will appear in your BlogHerAds.com account at the bottom of the screen within a week after we receive your paperwork. To install, simply copy and paste the ad code into your template. Installation instructions for many popular blogging technologies are available in our FAQ (see https://www.blogherads.com/faq ), located in the upper right hand side of the screen when you are logged into BlogHerAds.com.

Making changes to your account

In the event that you need to update any of your personal infomation, please log in to your account on BlogHerAds.com, and make the necessary changes. If you are moving your blog to a new host, changing your URL or require assistance, please email Jenifer or Jenny directly, and we will be delighted to help.

About your account ID

All of your sensitive information is stored offline. We assign each blogger a unique, numerical account ID. If you have more than one blog with us, you’ll have the same account on each application. Your account ID is located onyour main profile page.


Defining “Above The Fold”

Your BlogHerAds unit(s) must be placed “above the fold” – and since so many of us have different screen resolutions and monitor sizes, we define Above The Fold as appearing in the top 768 pixels of your template.

BlogHerAds’ Ad Unit MUST be visible in the top 768 pixels of your site. In addition, any other graphic advertisements MUST be located beneath the 768 pixel mark. Please see the next article for information on working with multiple ad networks.

For those of you with giant banners or lots of bulleted lists in your sidebars, this likely means rearranging your sidebar content so that the ads display first. If you receive an email from one of the BlogHerAds team members asking you to reposition your ads, please take action immediately, or ask us to help.

Here’s why it matters:

BlogHerAds advertisers pay a premium rate to be featured “above the fold” on our sites, with no competing ads from other networks in that space. Our advertisers and prospective advertisers) visit your sites to see how their campaigns look, and blogs who have their ads too low can negatively influence our ability to secure fantastic, high CPM campaigns.

The Consequences:

We read each of your blogs, each week. If we notice a problem with your site, we will email you. Your blog will not appear in our headlines (see below for more information) if your ads are not in compliance. If we do not receive a response to our email within 24 hours, we may be forced to turn off your ads until the problem is fixed. We consider this a last resort – but we need to emphasize how serious this issue is.

We are happy to roll up our sleeves and assist you with these issues. Just let us know!



Staying in compliance with your BlogHerAds contract

As we mentioned above, you may only have BlogHerAds graphic ads within the top 768 pixels of your site. There are a few exceptions to this rule:

You may have a graphic ad for a book that you have written, a product that you have made, another blog that you write, or a favorite cause that you support in the top 768 pixels as long as it:

  • Is not paid for by a third-party
  • Does not push your BlogHerAds out of compliance
  • Is smaller in size than your BlogHerAds unit.

This means that any other graphic ad or affiliate programs need to be placed below 768 pixels on your template. (If you have multiple sidebars, this applies to all the areas above the 768 pixel line.) Please ask us if you need help determining proper placement of your other ad programs.

You are welcome to have text ads anywhere on your site, including the top 768 pixels. A text ad is defined as a plain or linked text ad with no graphic elements. If you’re unsure, please check with us and we’ll be happy to take a look.



What is OAS?

OAS, or Open AdStream, is the service we use to serve ads to your blog. We’ve created a revenue report that allows you to see which ads have run on your site, and how much you’ve earned.

After your ad code is installed, you may view your report here:


Your user id is the same as your BlogHerAds.com account

Please note that all entries are case sensitive, and if you have spaces in your blog name, you’ll need to type an underscore for each space.


BlogHerAds.com user id – My Super Great Blog

OAS user id – My_Super_Great_Blog

Your password is XXXXX!

You may change your password after logging in by clicking on the administration tab in the upper right. Please note, your password requires at least one capital letter and two numbers.

Your account id is BlogHer

Please note that all of these fields are case-sensitive.

Once you’ve logged in:

  • Click on “reports” located on the left sidebar.
  • Please select the dates you wish to view on your report.
  • Click on “revenue by campaign” to turn it blue.
  • Click “run report”

you are looking at your report, you will see several columns of information. We’ll address the relevant columns below:

The first column lists the campaigns that have run on your site.

Please note – the “default” impressions are a quirk of our ad tags – each time our 160×600 code loads, it has space for three ads. If only one ad is running as is typical) then you will receive one ping under the proper ad campaign, and two blank, or “default” pings. These should be subtracted off of your total impressions to get an accurate picture of your impressions served.

The second column reflects the number of impressions served of each campaign.

The third column displays the number of times your visitors have clicked on the ad.

The fourth column shows the CPM price for each ad campaign.

The sixth column reflects the Gross Revenue earned.

* The seventh column – Net Revenue – reflects your share of the income from your impressions.
Please note – this report is calibrated to show a 50% revenue share. If you receive more than 1 million impressions a month, you’ll need to multiply the Gross Revenue by 60% to see your accurate revenue share.

* The eighth column – Commissions – reflects BlogHer’s revenue share.

If you have any questions about your revenue report, or require assistance with accessing OAS, please submit a request through our help desk contact form.


What our guidelines are, and why it matters

Many of our network members are eager to participate in promotional blog tours, and receive frequent offers for review products. We don’t want you to have to turn down any of these opportunities – but we also need to protect our editorial guidelines to ensure that our advertisers’ needs are being met.
Here’s how to determine if you may post your review on your blog that displays BlogHerAds:

You MAY post a review if:
*You have purchased the item yourself. There is no dollar limit on this type of review.

*You have received the item as a promotional freebie AND you have not been compensated in any way for your review AND the value of the freebie is less than $40.

*You have received an item with a value greater than $40, and you give it away in a contest on your blog AND you do not receive any additional compensation.

You MAY NOT post a review if:

*Your review is sponsored by a company or if you receive cash, gift certificates or product in addition to the item you are reviewing, even if the value of this compensation is less than $40 – and even if the gift certificate or other payment arrives long after your review is completed.

*Reviews for free trips and programs like extended auto test drives are also not allowed under the terms of our editorial guidelines, due to the cash value of the freebie – while you generally don’t get to keep the car (we wish) the value of driving a new vehicle equates to a rental vehicle for a week or more, and is worth more than $40.
Here’s why it matters:

From the FAQ(see https://www.blogherads.com/faq ): Our editorial guidelines exist to protect the advertising rates and your revenue share. Our advertisers are not willing to pay the top advertising rates that BlogHer’s Ad Network charges if their ad is going to appear next to an advertorial you’ve written about another product. Our advertisers pay top ratesbecause they love your writing and want to sponsor it, and they trust that allBlogHerAds bloggers follow these guidelines. If anyone in the network doesn’t follow these guidelines, this behavior threatens our relationships with our advertisers and risks all of our revenue.

Some Solutions:

One solution that many of our network members have used successfully is a separate review blog. We do allow you to link to your review blog from a post on your main blog, as well as in the sidebar. Please note, the link from your blog should not be an excerpt from the actual review, but rather a non-descriptive text link directing readers to your review.

For example:

Okay – Go check out my review of the new Ford Taurus!
Not Okay – Go check out my review of the totally amazing new Ford Taurus!

Another option is to create a static page on your existing site that doesn’t include your BlogHerAds code for your reviews.

If we see a compensated review on your site we will ask you to remove it immediately. If you do not comply, we will have to turn off your ad code until the review is moved. Thanks for your attention to this important matter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


How, when and where we feature your blog

One of our favorite features of the BlogHerAds network is our headline rotation. When we approve your site, we select a category that best fits your content, and assign you to a group within a topical network. There are typically about 30 blogs in each group – some large, and some small. While you may not select your own group, Jenifer and I do our best to pair your site with other great blogs that you and your readers will enjoy.
Our team of editors read each and every blog in the network each week, and select at least one of your posts to be featured in the headlines that are located below your ad unit.

We rotate the days that your posts will be featured so that everyone gets a chance to be featured on different days of the week.

We find that headlines are a great way to send readers around the network. Your headlines are also featured on BlogHerAds.com, and a smaller selection is featured on BlogHer.com as well.

We encourage you to click on these links, and get to know your neighbors!


What you can expect

Each week, we send an update to our network members in the form of a newsletter. This weekly newsletter is our main avenue of communication with you and we use it to share:

  • Information on upcoming ad campaigns
  • Important updates for your account
  • Surveys and questionnaires about ads
  • Educational content on building your traffic
  • Announcements from the BlogHerAds team
  • Good News from our network bloggers.

Please take the time to read these important announcements!



Definitions and Opting Out of a Campaign

We offer a variety of graphic advertising options, and we do our best to meet the needs of both our Ad Network Bloggers and our advertisers.

Static ads, which are merely clickable pictures and text in your ad unit, are not animated in any way.

Flash or animated ads have moving images that last for a few seconds after the page loads. These are very popular with advertisers, and we are committed to running only tasteful flash ads on the BlogHerAds network.

Rich Media ads are also gaining popularity with advertisers. These ads are usually flash-type ads, and expand when you mouse over a certain location. Again, we are committed to only running tasteful ads on our network.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

We also run PSA campaigns across the network. These non-paid ads are voted on by network members, and are used to fill your ad space when we have a lull in our paid inventory. You may opt out of PSAs if you prefer.

As an alternate, or in addition to our PSAs, you may choose to run remnant ads. These ads pay significantly less than our regular inventory, but they are a good option for Network Members who prefer to have paid inventory on most of their page loads. (More on this below.) While we do our best to block any objectionable ads, we are unable to block individual remnant ads from appearing on your site. These ads will never take precedence over our regular paid inventory – instead, they may be used in lieu of a blank space or PSA on your blog.

We do our best to honor your wishes when running new ads. Should you ever wish to opt-out of a campaign, simply contact us through our help desk form, and we can remove your site from that campaign quickly. We are never far from our computers!
While your revenue does not depend on ads being clicked on, we do encourage you to check out the ads – there is no penalty for your clicks, and you are eligible for any offers or contests being advertised



How it works, and why it can fluctuate

BlogHerAds is proud to be a top-10 women’s network, and our sales team is actively engaged with major advertisers who are eager to reach your readers. This means we are winning fantastic campaigns at premium rates for our network.

Because advertisers typically purchase a set amount of ads to be run over a particular date span, and sometimes seek to reach a specific portion of our audience, the number of ads you’ll see on your site depends on a number of factors.

Since start and end dates of campaigns are set by advertisers, they can sometimes shift. This means that campaigns do not always start and stop on the first of the month. Depending on the duration of each campaign, and the number of ad impressions available each day, you may see short gaps where our regular paid inventory is replaced by PSAs. The system releases new ads every 15 minutes.

We strive to fill your ad units with the highest quality, best paid ads. Periodic inventory fluxuations are inevitable, but our sales team has established important relationships that will keep the ads flowing to your blog.

We will keep you updated on new campaigns in our weekly newsletter, and of course, we welcome any questions.


Thank you for joining BlogHerAds – we’re thrilled to have you in the network, and we look forward to getting to know you better!


Jenny Lauck and Jenifer Scharpen

for the rest of the BlogHerAds.com team