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18 Tweets You Might See, If Freud Used Twitter

by anna on December 15, 2008

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[Author's note: Look, I've never been one to mess with a good thing, and I have no qualms about selling out. So, since last week's list was such an astounding success, why stray too far off course?]

  1. So, I was like, “Tell me about your father,” and he’s like, “He’s dead.” And so I was like, “And? Your problem is?”
  2. Morning, Tweeps! Got a spring in my step, a twinkle in my eye, & something extra in my coffee this morning. #cocaine sobriety FAIL LULZ
  3. Etsy rocks! This year I’m buying all handmade gifts. That’s right: felt vaginas for everyone!
  4. @JimM So as you were saying, he walked on down the hall, and he came to a door, and he looked inside. Then what happened?
  5. Somebody get @hotdogsladies a copy of my Jokes & Their Relationship to the Unconscious before he makes any more one-liners.
  6. If your thing is gone and you wanna ride on, #cocaine.
  7. @Jung & I were IMing abt who we want to work w/, & he’s all, “just a few minutes alone w/ @RomanP!” But @WoodyA is my personal white whale.
  8. Sure I have ideas better than a dungbeetle, @Kafka. Tons. Come on–a dungbeetle?! But you’ll never know b/c you don’t follow me back.
  9. Kid says, “Fort! Ooooh! Da!” “Fort! Oooh! Da!” Over & over again. Finally I’m like, “That’s what she said, kid.” (m)Other not amused.
  10. “Freudian slip” costume? I don’t get it.
  11. She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie. #cocaine.
  12. Don’t flatter yourself, @Lacan. Sometimes a reciprocal follow is just a reciprocal follow.
  13. @Derrida, yeah I GET that it’s a pun, Copernicus. A slip and a picture of me. It’s still not funny.
  14. Still can’t believe I sold everyone on this lie-down-on-the-couch bit. Makes trolling MySpace at work so much easier!
  15. @PornGirls69 Thanks for the follow back! Let’s keep tweeting.
  16. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. It’s just that sometimes I feel like I’m working with a bunch of neurotics.
  17. Yeah, I know ch 4 of Interpretation of Dreams reads like a New Age dream symbol cheat sheet. Blame laudanum. & Charcot, that fucker.
  18. 808s & Heartbreak?! More like “The Royal Road to Douchebaggery.” #KanyeWest

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