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December 2009

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Christmas Trees And Toddlers

by anna on December 18, 2009

We went Christmas tree shopping last week, and Mini wore his new rain gear for the occasion. Few things: 1) yes, it does rain here sometimes; but 2) no, this does not happen very often, which is probably why 3) I was so astonished by the prospect of having to buy rain boots for Mini after his first post-rain day at school a few weeks back. It honestly never occurred to me that he would need rain boots: I mean, I don’t ever need to wear rain boots, why should he need to?

Admittedly, this was a foolhardy assumption on my part. Still, is he not the cutest child in the history of the world? I mean, even with mud smeared everywhere?

Anyway, when we were Christmas tree shopping, I asked Mini which tree he wanted, and he chose this one.

Which seems odd because he’s never seen A Charlie Brown Christmas. Not to mention the fact that I believe that’s technically a bush, not a tree. In any case, we went a different direction with the tree. He seemed OK with it.

If you are wondering why it seems like only the top third of the tree is fully decorated, then I know you do not have any toddlers in your household. Sigh. It’s killing me, people, to have the tree half-decorated. This is the sacrifice I make. I have to cluster up my eight favorite ornaments, too, because they cannot be in said toddler’s reach.

On the other hand, this Christmas thing is a whole other ballgame with a little kid who hasn’t really understood it before. It almost seems a little magical, actually. Even when you find suspicious holes in the wrapping paper of said little kid’s presents.

I have to admit that I’m a little proud of him, though: I think I was like six or something before I started trying to rip open packages and find out what I was getting before Christmas. Mini’s an over-achiever, just like his Mamma! Sniff.

Peacocks In Arcadia

by anna on December 16, 2009

Sometimes you’ll be driving around Arcadia, over by the Santa Anita racetrack, when you run into a bunch of peacocks hanging out on some dude’s lawn.

And, yeah — It’s kind of weird at first, because how did they get there? And you’re like, “Wait — peacocks can fly?! How did I miss this?”

But then somehow you’ll start getting used to the idea of peacocks hanging out in a suburban neighborhood. You’ll start thinking that peacocks are really just like us.

You’ll see that they dread the obligatory social obligations of the holidays, too.

And that they’ll miss the days of lounging over the newspaper with a cup of coffee once print media is completely dead, too.

And that, just like us, they quickly tire of bizarre and intricate mating rituals that seem archaic to the outside observer.

That sometimes, even peacocks just want to be alone.

But the thing is, you cannot get too close to the peacocks, because they’re not just like us, no matter what you think.

Peacocks are nasty fuckers.

They will hard-charge your car.

I’m telling you: those bastards will take off a finger just for “looking at [them] funny.”

Yeah. When you see peacocks in Arcadia, it’s probably best to just keep on driving.