Of Note This Week

by anna on September 5, 2009

Map of Seven Deadly Sins via Wired.

Map of Seven Deadly Sins via Wired.

Each week, in addition to the links you can see by spying on my Google Reader, I compile a list of posts that interested me and post them here on Saturday. You can check out the ABDPBT Personal Finance, ABDPBT Tech, and ABDPBT Commodity Fetishism versions at your leisure as well. If you have any posts that were great that I missed, please send me an email and I’ll check it out before next week.

  • The map above (via Wired)shows the relative concentrations of the Seven Deadly Sins across a map of the United States. Apparently, I live in a greedy, lazy, and prideful area, who knew? (Me). But at least we’re doing better than the whole of Florida, which is ranked highly in almost all of the sins. Blame Florida.
  • This “fictional” account of Jeff Goldblum’s Downward Spiral via Apple ads from the late nineties is both hilarious and sad. And then back to hilarious again.
  • According to a recent Danish study and the BBC, people who have large thighs are at less risk for developing heart disease. I think you know what this means: I’m going to live for-fucking-ever.
  • This chair comes with Jonathan Franzen. Here’s a booklover’s guide to IKEA seating. That’s right, there are special chairs for special books. Also, you’ve been doing it wrong.
  • In case you’ve felt left out of the special ordering system at In ‘n’ Out, here’s a list of 10 Secret Menu Items to get yourself up to speed. I’ll take a protein style with whole grilled onions, please.

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