Of Note This Week

by anna on August 15, 2009

Photo from "Last Suppers" by James Reynolds.

Each week, in addition to the links you can see by spying on my Google Reader, I compile a list of posts that interested me and post them here on Saturday. You can check out the ABDPBT Personal Finance, ABDPBT Tech, and ABDPBT Commodity Fetishism versions at your leisure as well. If you have any posts that were great that I missed, please send me an email and I’ll check it out before next week.

  • Men who do housework are more likely to get the girl, according to Science Daily. So go check on the laundry, you.
  • Check out this photographic study of the last meals requested by death row inhabitants. It’s both creepy and cool. Via swissmiss.
  • My favorite part of Barack Obama’s Facebook News Feed on Slate this week: “Sonia Sotomayor posted a note: I have no thoughts, feelings, or opinions about the law. Or anything else.” LOL.
  • And now, I think I actually have seen it all: Harvard has started a menswear line. Can University of Phoenix be far behind?
  • Putting these super-cute printable lunchbox notes from AlphaMom into your babies’ lunch will make them feel extra special when you cannot be with them.

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