Of Note This Week

by anna on August 8, 2009

Photo by Kamermans at DeviantArt

Photo by Kamermans at DeviantArt

Each week, in addition to the links you can see by spying on my Google Reader, I compile a list of posts that interested me and post them here on Saturday. You can check out the ABDPBT Personal Finance and ABDPBT Tech versions at your leisure as well. If you have any posts that were great that I missed, please send me an email and I’ll check it out before next week.

  • Merlin Mann on the the imaginary, insignificant, and/or stupid boundaries we put up for ourselves when trying to complete creative work.
  • He’s back! Who’s back? Cannot say for sure. But I’m glad he’s back! Who’s back? I cannot say for sure. And it looks like he had a week similar to mine, poor guy. Someone wise once said that we’ll all be OK, though, as long as we don’t elbow babies in the head. Oh wait. No, that person wasn’t wise. But if the son of Notorious BHJ View definition in a new window starts changing his underwear, then maybe it really will all be OK.
  • How do you apply sunscreen to a kid without getting it in their eyes? Use goggles. Hat tip to Parent Hacks for directing me to this tip.
  • On a topic close to my heart, The Rumpus discusses writers who provide content for free for larger publications (in this case, Huffington Post). Work for yourselves people! Build your own URL. How many times do I have to say it?
  • Slate discusses the fact that newspapers bitching about new media and its ability to put them out of business is nothing new. Maybe this time newspaper people will think about what they can do to change with the times, instead of just sitting back and expecting us all to stick with their old ways and the dirty fingers it creates. Also, don’t miss this post that shows the idiocy of the Associated Press’s plan for copyrighting information used on the web–including, in this case, charging you for and controlling your use of content it does not even own in the first place. This is not the kind of thinking that is going to keep them on top of the changing media market, if you ask me. Perhaps they should put Seth Godin on speed dial if they would like to save their industry.

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