Lady Killer

by anna on August 7, 2009

Mini is already learning how to be a Lady Killer.

Mini is already learning how to be a Lady Killer.

Mini’s girlfriend had surgery this week. That’s right: Mini has a girlfriend. She’s kind of the cougar of the under five set, around these parts, actually. At four and a half, there have probably been a handful of other boys in Bree’s past, but still, I feel like you cannot put age limitations on love. And Bree and Mini seem to make sense somehow. Maybe it’s the way Mini defers to her desire to always get to play with the purple train (Culdee) and only protests occasionally when she colors on his side of the giant Diego coloring book. I don’t know. Who can make sense of that hoodoo voodoo she do.

I digress: Mini’s girlfriend had surgery on Wednesday, so Mini decided to send her flowers, a balloon, and some chocolate. They were there waiting for her when she got back from the hospital, with this card:

Thanks for being my very best friend in the whole world. I am so proud of you for having your secret special magical princess operation. You are so brave and so pretty. See you soon.

And then, today, “just to be a killer,” as Mr. Right-Click put it, Mini sent her an entire tower of chocolates, with the following card:

Now that your bandages are coming off, I thought you would enjoy seeing (and eating) all of this chocolate. I know how much you love chocolate, and that’s because you are so sweet.

OK, so the truth is that, while Bree is really Mini’s best friend and as close to a girlfriend as a two-year-old can have, we sent her this stuff because she is our nanny’s daughter and has become part of the family during the time she spends at our house. And we were worried about her surgery and were anxious to find out that she is doing fine. But still, can you see what a lady killer my little boy is destined to be, with such a role model to show him the ropes?

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foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog) August 7, 2009 at 8:06 am

Mini clearly knows how to treat a lady right. Beware kindergarten and the charmed classmates who learn his phone number right along with him!

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