Of Note This Week

by anna on August 1, 2009

We are kind of a strange couple, it's true.

  • The only thing that can take the sting out of BlackHockeyJesus quitting blogging this week is a new piece of parenting memoir by jdg at Sweet Juniper. The poetic way he talks about raising his kids is like magic for me.
  • I honestly don’t know how she keeps doing it, but Penelope Trunk View definition in a new window can take the most shocking, appalling of life experiences, reveal them to us on her blog in a manner that makes us gasp and, just at the last second–right before I decide I’m tired of this manipulative crap–she molds it into some kind of crazy blog poetry that almost makes me cry. God help me (and you), I love you, Penelope Trunk View definition in a new window.
  • Copyblogger uses a recent example of bad publicity via Twitter to discuss how to handle PR in a responsible way now that we all have to deal with the power of social media. The part I really like: “You don’t get to play by the old rules any more, and it doesn’t matter what business you’re in. You don’t get the old privilege of anonymity. You don’t get to bury your story on page 47.” That’s right, suckahs.
  • Got big hips and thighs? Don’t sweat it: Psychology Today claims that If you’re curvy, you might end up with smarter kids. So, you know, we’re cool: Mini is totally Harvard-bound.
  • The Onion: New Apple iPhone Can Do Anything, As Long As You Believe In It.” Hilarious spoof on Apple fanboys and girls, even if I kinda am one of them.
  • File this under: I fucking knew it,” and “What will Kate Gosselin Use To Construct Faux Class Boundaries Now?,”: A new study says that organic food is no healthier for you than regular food.

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