Of Note This Week–BlogHer 09 Edition

by anna on July 25, 2009

The view from my room at the Chicago Sheraton. I know. It's pretty awesome.

Each week, in addition to the links you can see by spying on my Google Reader, I compile a list of posts that interested me and post them here on Saturday. You can check out the ABDPBT Personal Finance and ABDPBT Tech versions at your leisure as well. If you have any posts that were great that I missed, please send me an email and I’ll check it out before next week.

  • From the, “Wow, that is rich” file, a proposed Ohio law would require women wanting an abortion to bring a note from the fetus’ father, and in those moments when the father is unknown, abortion would be forbidden. I might get behind this bill, like, the day after they figure out a way for all men to always pay child support and do their fair share of the parenting, oh and have to actually carry the child to term. Which is to say, #suckit.
  • Snarkmarket recently released a book, New Liberal Arts with an interesting business model: a limited number of print copies of the book were available online before the pdf version was made free online. When the physical books sold out, everyone could download the free version, which sort of created a kind of patronage system. This recap provides some insight as to why it the experimental model worked, and what it means for the “marketing” of liberal arts online today.
  • Due to a copyright dispute, and once again demonstrating that they are way over their heads with this whole Kindle thing, Amazon decided this week to delete previously purchased titles from its readers Kindles without notice or permission. The titles affected are–wait for it–Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm. Apparently all copyrights are equal but some copyrights are more equal than others. I don’t know about you, but I love it when a plan comes together.
  • I have to say I totally agree with this TechCrunch article that claims AT&T is a big steaming pile of failure. I really, really hope to have other service provider options for the iPhone in the near future. That glaring heat you feel right now, Apple? Is me looking in your direction imploringly.

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