Just For The Taste Of It

by anna on July 8, 2009

Photo by Mr. Right-Click

Photo by Mr. Right-Click

Mini: [Pointing at my cup from Del Taco.]: Juice!
Me: No, it’s not juice.
Mini: [Looks confused.]
Me: It’s Diet Coke, buddy.
Mini: No.
Me: Yeah.
Mini: No! ‘S juice!
Me: [pointing at sippy cup] That’s juice.
Mini: MAAAA! [Pointing at Del Taco cup] It’s juice.
Me: I understand that you want it to be juice.
Mini: [Drinking from Del Taco cup.] Ahhh.
Me: Can I have my drink back, buddy?
Mini: No.
Me: Can I have just a little bit of it?
Mini: No. [Continues drinking Diet Coke]
Me: Mini, just a sip.
Mini: No. [Watching Little Einsteins] A ball!
Me: A little tiny bit?
Mini: No-DERE [Points at his sippy cup, as if to suggest that I drink it.]
Me: You want me to drink your juice?
Mini: Yeah.

[Time passes.]

Mini: Ma!
Me: Yes?
Mini: [Points at nearly empty Del Taco cup.] It’s juice?
Me: No, it’s not juice.
Mini: MAAA! It’s juice!
Me: Nope, it’s Diet Coke. That’s why you like it so much.
Mini: No?
Me: No.
Mini: [Looks into cup.] Hmm. [Continues to drink.]

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