Quiche made from Burger King Breakfast Items

Of Note This Week

by anna on July 4, 2009

Each week, in addition to the links you can see by spying on my Google Reader, I compile a list of posts that interested me and post them here on Saturday. You can check out the ABDPBT Personal Finance and ABDPBT Tech versions at your leisure as well. If you have any posts that were great that I missed, please send me an email and I’ll check it out before next week. Happy Fourth of July, All!

  • OHMommy’s video blog of a car trip with three kids–so cute and hilarious you will throw up rainbows and unicorns all over yourself.
  • Malcom Gladwell on Chris Anderson’s new book, Free. Which isn’t, by the way–it’s $26.99. But, if you want an eBook or a web book, you can get it free the first week and the first month, respectively. The audiobook is free to all hardcover purchasers. This starts July 9.
  • Seth Godin on Malcom Gladwell on Chris Anderson. Sometimes there is an embarrassment of riches of smart people talking about interesting topics.
  • Fancy Fast Food Makeovers (via Laughing Squid). Check out what they can do with a Taco Bell Burrito and a few packs of sauce. The header picture is of a quiche made from a Burger King Crossa’nwich, hash browns, and biscuits.

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