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by anna on December 20, 2008


I went to The Container Store the other day to buy wrapping paper. Did I tell you that The Container Store has great wrapping paper? You probably already know. Anyhoo, as is usually the case with my trips to The Container Store, I came back with a few items that were definitely not on my list but which I think are pretty damn cool, anyway. Take this thing, the Pursket. I know what you are thinking: what a dumbass name. I know! My best guess is that it’s supposed to evoke “basket” but with “purse” or somesuch. But who cares. The name is unfortunate, but the premise is cool: it is an organizer that you can take from purse to purse, with pockets for all your crap, so that your purse doesn’t become just a mass of trash like mine usually is. Let’s see how it works.

First of all, you unroll it and put in all your crap, like I have here. There are different sized pockets for things like cell phones and wallets, though if you have a checkbook wallet this might not work for you. But if you have a checkbook wallet, you really should get rid of it, you know. Nobody writes checks anymore. (Please note that I have a checkbook wallet, as pictured in the top left corner of the picture below. Busted. I am getting rid of it, though. Finally.)

While we’re on the topic of purse organization, let me call your attention to these little plastic containers I found (also at The Container Store). Does anybody chew as much gum as I do? Well, if you do, and you chew Orbit brand in particular, you will know that it has an annoying habit of coming out of the package in your purse and spreading a disgusting film on the bottom of the lining. Well, with this little container, that problem is solved.
I have one for my gum and a few other random things like stamps and hair bands, and one for my eighty-five million tubes of lip balm.

OK, so after you have all your crap in the little compartments, you simply roll the Purseket into a . . . uh, well, you roll it into a roll.


And then you put it in your purse . . .


Where it expands to form a kind of makeshift organizing panel on the sides of the purse. Cool, eh?



Juliet December 20, 2008 at 8:12 pm

That name has got to go! Reminds me of “spoonula” which is a cross between a spoon & spatula (used to tuck in a sofa slipcover.) I think we have the same purse — LV Speedy.

The Stiletto Mom December 21, 2008 at 8:56 am

I almost bought the Pursket on Friday but then couldn’t decide if I would just turn it into a huge mess with all my crap. You like it so far though? You look like you may actually have as much crap as I do… :)

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J. December 21, 2008 at 12:16 pm

I think this is a great idea, and I would probably buy one if I used a purse on any kind of regular basis. Unfortunately (or, actually, fortunately for me), I don’t. I much prefer to tuck my wallet and cell phone into a pocket and will only use a purse if I absolutely have to.

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