And the Winner Is . . .

by anna on December 10, 2008

OK, so I had a very tough time this week. I want to say that the Governor of Illinois entry should win, but then there are two people who did that, which introduces complications. Sure, I could just choose the person who submitted it first, but I keep coming back to the story submitted by Deb on the Rocks about the vagina Etsy thing. I actually read that original post, too, and thought, “WTF?! Is this a joke? That I don’t get?” It’s too hard to decide.

And then, there are all the people who tweeted . . .

So, that’s it, I’m picking a random number.

Err, is going to pick a random number, that is.

And that number is four . . . which means that goodfather wins it! Yay! Goodfather, please email me at anna at abdpbt View definition in a new window dot com and I will send you your giftcard!

Everyone else, thanks for playing and remember we have two more giveaways before Christmas, so check back and enter again.

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Deb December 10, 2008 at 12:30 pm

I ‘m glad I wasn’t alone in confusion about the labia pin. Though I knew the vagina had been topped when the Governor B-whatever lost his mojo. Using the phone to make your illegal deals, now that’s stupid.

Congratulations Goodfather!

Deb´s last blog post..Why, a Day Without a Gay is Like a Day Without Sunshine!

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