Caldrea Lavender Pine Dish Soap

by anna on July 9, 2008


For the most part, I am not really into this whole green thing. I don’t have anything against saving the environment per se, I’m just too lazy to participate myself in most instances. I’m also totally sick of the commodification of green that seems to be spreading like a cancer through all market sectors of late–including into our cleaning products. Is nothing sacred? Clean with a mixture of vinegar and water? These greenies clearly do not have toddlers. Or maybe they do, but they are girls. Neat, quiet little girls. At any rate, when I approach the problem of how to clean up the chicken nuggets that are ground into my carpet, I am not ready to apologize for using an arsenal of toxic chemicals. Baking soda and warm water ain’t gonna cut it. But I digress . . .

The one exception to this general rule of loving harsh chemical cleaning products is Caldrea Lavender Pine Dish Soap, a product that has been raved about ad nauseum on apartment therapy for a while now. I just like the way it smells. It’s that simple. It cleans well, too.

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