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So, you’re thinking about advertising on ABDPBT? Congratulations! You, like our readers, must have discerning taste and a sophisticated aesthetic. ABDPBT is barely a year old, yet it already has an Alexa ranking under 145,000, and this rank is improving daily. The ABDPBT audience consists of cultured, urban, upscale, tech-savvy, and well-educated readers, with a strong representation from parents in their late twenties to mid-forties. If your product appeals to stay-at-home parents, work-from-home parents and (most especially) professionals with young children, then you have stumbled upon a strong voice with which to reach this demographic. ABDPBT readers also include:

  • individuals looking for advice on parenting
  • individuals looking for advice on money management
  • beginning bloggers and people wanting to acquire new technical skills
  • individuals looking for advice on organizing
  • highly educated fans of literature and culture
  • consumers with refined tastes and an interest in new and innovative products

Wide ranging topics are addressed 3 times weekly on the main blog of ABDPBT, as well as 3 times a week on ABDPBT Personal Finance. ABDPBT Tech is an informational site for beginners in web and blog design that specifically targets the parenting blogging community. It is updated seven days a week. ABDPBT’s Bathroom Wall, the anonymous portion of ABDPBT, features submissions by anonymous readers as they are received and is updated a few times a week on average. In addition, the latest syndicated version of New York Times Crossword Puzzle is posted daily on ABDPBT’s Crossword page. Post topics vary, but have included:

  • parenting
  • organizing the home
  • organizing the office
  • popular culture in television, films, and other media
  • debt reduction
  • decorating and design
  • kids and parenting
  • personal finance
  • urban lifestyle
  • productivity
  • humor and satire
  • fiction and narrative non-fiction
  • current events and politics
  • beauty and fashion

Graphic ads are available site-wide, or specifically targeted to any of the subdivisions (ABDPBT main only, ABDPBT Personal Finance only, ABDPBT Tech only, or The Bathroom Wall only, or any combination thereof). Graphic ads link to the URL of your choice, and are available on a week-by-week or month-by-month basis. Sizes and details are currently as listed below; a-la-carte and package prices and information are available upon inquiry. ABDPBT is growing daily, and as such all price quotes are subject to change with no notice. Please send inquiries on up-to-date pricing and availability to advertising at abdpbt dot com.

    120 x 600 skyscraper

  • Right-hand side, above the fold, to the right of the most recent article.
  • Only right-hand column is available.
  • Can be a static image or an animated gif.
  • Also appears on the crossword page.
  • Design, content, and color scheme are subject to editorial approval.
    728 x 90 horizontal leaderboard

  • Appears only on crossword page, directly beneath the crossword applet.
  • Can be a static image or an animated gif.
  • Design, content, and color scheme are subject to editorial approval.

Sidebar Text Ads. Advertise through short, very reasonably priced text ads in my sidebar.

  • Text ads only.
  • Headline of up to 25 characters, and ad copy of up to 150 characters.
  • Does not appear on crossword page.
  • Content is subject to editorial approval.

RSS Text Ads. Advertise your website through ABDPBT’s RSS feeds. Your text link (with a short tagline) will be published at the end of every new post in its RSS form.

  • Text ads only.
  • Does not appear on regular site.
  • Separate pricing for ABDPBT feed, ABDPBT Personal Finance, ABDPBT Tech, and ABDPBT’s Bathroom Wall feeds. Package pricing for purchasing space on two or more feeds concurrently.

Interested? Please write to advertising at abdpbt dot com for more information. Graphic design services available for an additional fee.