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ABDPBT is a blog about me and the world as I see it. The blog was originally started back when I was working on (and having a hard time finishing) a dissertation. Balancing my day job as a legal secretary with procrastination from my academic work led to a lot of pooch-screwing on message boards designed for women with relationship angst. I met some great friends, waged some bitter flame wars, went on about a hundred online dates, got married, had a baby, and finished my dissertation. Around the same time I became to terms with the fact that blogging was where everyone else was headed, so why not me?

“They don’t like [her], they can see what [s]he wants to do.”

For roughly five years, this blog documented the present tense existence of a wife, mother, popular culture enthusiast, and resident of Los Angeles. It was fun. I developed a community of like-minded souls. We chatted and laughed. At some point, I got interested in trying to figure out how these bloggers were making so much money. Yes, I forgot to mention that bit. They were making a lot of money, some of them. Not me–I was making a little bit of money but not enough to constitute calling it a career or anything. But a few of these bloggers, in the years 2009-2011–the “boom years,” as I think of them–they were making bank. Some of them still are, in fact, making bank off selling the picks and shovels. As you might imagine, people don’t like to talk about that stuff. Most of the stuff about the business side of this is contained in the category called ABDPBT PERSONAL FINANCE. Why? It made sense at the time. We were talking about money, and how it was made. Then a fight would bust out, and it would bleed out into the personal section, which is ABDPBT.

I seem to have a flare for the flame war. And punning, unfortunately.I had another baby in 2011 and although I’ve lurked here and there, I disappeared from the blogosphere. Two children is much more than double the work. Maybe you don’t think so. It is for me. I am not a woman gifted with patience. Besides, the bottom had dropped out of the cash cow of blogging by then, unless you were willing to do sponsored posts or you had a legit service to promote via a blog (the only legit way to use social media to make money btw). There aren’t many people in search of an expert on eighteenth century British coquettes for hire, so I didn’t pursue that route.

I’ve thought about taking this blog down but you know, it’s four-five years of my life that maybe I shouldn’t just destroy. So I’m kind of reorganizing it. It’s kind of nice think of writing without an audience. But if there is anybody out there, the other sections will now be found here: