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About ABDPBT Tech

After about a year of blogging, it occurred to me that there was a disconnect between the traditional web design community and a new generation of bloggers. Back in the day, everyone who had a blog was pretty web savvy–they had to be, since software and services such as WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, and Blogger did not yet exist. People who blogged in this way already knew a lot about how to get your ideas uploaded onto the web, since many of them did that kind of thing professionally.

The advancements in blogging technology have made it possible for a new generation of web users to start their own blogs with minimal need for technological skill. And while that’s all well and good, what if you don’t want to use a ready made theme or template? What if you want to post your own photos and other content? What if you want to move your columns around, or put in advertisements?

It occurred to me as I was blogging that the gap between tech speak of the early adopters and the new blogging crowd could stand some translation. Maybe you have never even heard of HTML but you know that you don’t like the way your columns are appearing on your page. Maybe you’d like to change the way a font looks when you hover over a link? But you have no idea how to do so, and though you’re willing to learn, the information available on the web seems like it’s written in a foreign language.

ABDPBT Tech is the place to come when you want someone to explain something about your blog or blogging and technology as though you are a second grader. Designing and maintaining a blog in bite-sized pieces. Have a look around.