Me and Mini. Getting a degree and wearing a funny hat.

Me and Mini. Getting a degree and wearing a funny hat.

Abdpbt is a blog about me and the world as I see it. The blog was originally started back when I was working on (and having a hard time finishing) a dissertation. Balancing my day job as a legal secretary with procrastination from my academic work led to a lot of pooch-screwing on message boards designed for women with relationship angst. There, I met some great friends, waged some bitter flame wars, and learned about the Diamancel foot file (a life changing experience). Eventually, I got married, had a baby, and finished my dissertation. Around the same time I came to terms with the fact that I’m chiefly interested in myself, anyway, so why bother with the whole pretense of interacting with anyone else and/or seeking their advice on anything?

This blog documents the present tense existence of a wife, mother, popular culture enthusiast, and resident of Los Angeles. The past rears its ugly head in flashbacks of me as a practicing alcoholic, aspiring academic, and a frustrated and snarky online dater. I have the good fortune to have been sober since June of 2001, though I do not always go to enough meetings. After nearly 100 dates arranged with the help of sundry online dating sites–most of which were one-hit wonders–I finally met Mr. Right-Click, the man who would become my husband, on match.com in September of 2004. When we got engaged, we considered writing a testimonial for them, but they expected us to do it for free. Hah!

Abdpbt View definition in a new window explores the paradox of life in Southern California, where I was born, bred, and had always planned on leaving but inexplicably never did. Los Angeles is a force against which I have constructed my identity and as such is figures heavily into my writing. Predictably, I am blonde, always either cheating on my diet or trying to get back on track with it, and I spend roughly $84 every five weeks getting my eyebrows done in Beverly Hills. On the other hand, I also claim to have read and once understood Žižek’s Sublime Object of Ideology, but please don’t test me on this as it has been many years. At present, I have no career direction, but I once had very grandiose plans for myself. It is likely that this blog is born from an effort to reconcile these two facts into something I can work with.

I hope you will read and enjoy my blog. If you do, please tell me and/or your friends about it. And if you don’t, keep it to yourself, will you?


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