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Mini went on his first field trip today. I accompanied him, thinking they would need extra help. Turns out I was wrong, since there were about 20 kids and 17 parents. This is undoubtedly reflective of the socioeconomics of Mini’s preschool, but nevertheless it was kind of heartwarming. Everybody wanted to be there, and Mr. Right-Click was seriously bummed he couldn’t come today.

Mini drew him a picture so he didn’t feel left out. I think these are the windows of the bus we took to get to the post office (the destination of the field trip). At the post office, Mini mailed a letter he had written to us. I’m kind of curious to see what it says, because he’s kind of turned into an unreliable narrator about these things: this morning he told me it was “filled with chocolate and vanilla,” and then he just told Mr. Right-Click that it said, “Dear Mommy and Daddy, I love you very much.” But maybe those are the same thing, if you are a three-year-old, now that I think about it.

On the field trip I was speaking to one of the other moms who had been reading my blog, and she said she was surprised I was there because of how sick I’d been. The truth is, today I am feeling better. Like, not 100% better, but better enough that now I’m starting to mindfuck myself because it’s not quite 11 weeks yet and where is the vomiting? Is not the vomiting necessary for the maintenance of the health of the baby demon spawn thing? And now that I think about it, my boobs are slightly less sore, should that be happening? Most alarming: I ate In ‘N’ Out Burger for lunch and all of it stayed down, without taking any Zofran today.


Four years ago, this same thing could have happened and I’d just be throwing a party for myself at this point, but this time I’m a little spooked. I think mostly it’s because going through this again has just underscored how badly I never want to do this again, and if something were to go wrong I’m just not sure I have the strength to try again. It’s not the end of the world and certainly there are other options, but damn that would be a bummer, all things considered.

I go back to the OBGYN on Thursday, so until then at least it’s a two-day wait this time instead of that whole awful two-week nonsense. Here’s to hoping I’m just being paranoid, and/or that tomorrow I throw up after brushing my teeth.

  1. The part in the Dyson ad where they show you how the little cyclone things don’t ever lose suction, and make you look at computer-animated dust particles blowing around in a circle.
  2. Whatever meal deal is currently going down at KFC.
  3. Nope. I don’t care what you say — it’s gross.
  4. Steam coming off the chicken. Steam coming off the chicken.
  5. Also anything involving gravy.
  6. The ongoing toilet clogging saga on Jersey Shore.
  7. The entire cast of Jersey Shore‘s makeup and wardrobe choices.
  8. The prank story arc of Jersey Shore, particularly with its recent addition of dogs not being walked on time and being allowed to roam the house at will.
  9. Really, just everything about Jersey Shore, when you think about it.
  10. The witch dragon lady mother of Marisol on The Real Housewives of Miami.
  11. “Mare-ee-sol! Mare-ee-sol! I did not marry a gringo to have paper flowers! I married a gringo, Mare-ee-sol, so I could pour red wine into my dragonlady mouth every afternoon!”
  12. Shrimp specials at Red Lobster.
  13. Law and Order: SVU in HDTV.
  14. Anybody who works as a weatherperson on TV, being filmed in HDTV.
  15. Every time somebody gets injured in an NBA game.
  16. I would add the audio tracks from NFL games, except I don’t watch the NFL, mercifully.

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the view

One of these days, I really have to make it a priority to have the stupid cottage cheese ceiling removed from this house.

the nightstand

Regular gatorade is too sweet, so I drink the reduced sugar kind. Also: gummy vitamins are easier to deal with than regular.

my ally

Edie has become my unexpected ally in this house otherwise full of boys. She waits for me outside of the shower, and sometimes I wake up late at night to find her nestled right next to my stomach, or wedged against my back. I think it’s a female thing, and she knows I’m pregnant because of hormones or something.


Speaking of the shower — my old friend — it’s easier to stay in there if you sit on a stool. I’ve borrowed Mini’s for the time being. He’s reluctantly agreed to this.

house is dirty

Sometimes I sit around and think about how badly the house needs to be cleaned. But I don’t really do anything about it. Only two more weeks of this, I hope.