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Parent Affiliate Marketing: Incredibly Simple Ways to Make Money At Home

Parent Affiliate Marketing: Incredibly Simple Ways to Make Money At Home

Parent Affiliate Marketing? Who in the What Now?

Next to selling their own products and services, parent affiliate marketing might be the smartest and easiest way of monetizing a parenting blog after the great parenting blog income crash of 2011. Now that display advertising is not paying what it used to, and most bloggers have used up whatever trust capital they ever had in the first place, the only way to go is affiliate marketing, which for some reason doesn’t seem to bother people in nearly the same way.

This may be due to the fact that many times people don’t know they’re clicking on affiliate links. Even when they do know, they may forget they’ve done so by the time it matters, since most affiliate sites have a generous window period in which they’ll pay a parent affiliate for referring a customer. Some sites, for example, give an affiliate up to thirty days after a first click before they close the window on a sale. So you might click on one of my affiliate links (that’s right–this site is site is littered with affiliate links like Cambodia in the eighties), forget about it and then go back two weeks later and buy something and still I get a cut of it

Affiliate portals

Many affiliate programs are run through affiliate management companies. Major parent affiliate portals are listed below:

  • shareasale.com
  • Rakuten

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