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Edie and Chumchum, Acrylic On Canvas, ca. 2011

Edie and Chumchum, Acrylic On Canvas, ca. 2011

For reasons that are still unclear to me, Mr. Right-Click worked out some kind of undisclosed trade deal with an acclaimed painter to create a representation of our goddamn cat-coons.

Only in Los Angeles would this happen, people. Only in Los Angeles, and only with a dirty rotten cat lover for a husband.

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  1. Mar 1, 2011

    I’m sorry, I just have to laugh. Not because the painting exists (you’d be sad to know how many artists I know do those), but because it exists in YOUR house. Something about that is hysterical!

  2. Mar 1, 2011

    That Right-Click fella is a hoot. A HOOT.

  3. Mar 1, 2011

    So, the cat on the right, is he insane in real life, or does he just looks crazy in the painting?

  4. Mar 1, 2011

    Oh, they are both insane, let me assure you. Oddly, though, the one on the left is slightly more clinically insane — that’s the one who belongs behind plexiglass.

  5. Mar 1, 2011

    I kind of like the artist’s style. I just cannot believe we have a painting of the cats now. That’s the part I cannot wrap my head around.

  6. Mar 1, 2011

    Isn’t he?

  7. Mar 1, 2011

    I think it’s the crazy fur then. I have a cat like that, he’s less crazy and more ‘I’m going to kill you in your sleep’.

  8. Mar 1, 2011

    I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of rule that every cat owner must have an artist’s rendering of their cats somewhere in the house. Awhile back, I may or may not have commissioned a hand-painted portrait of my oldest cat on an Italian charm bracelet link. And don’t forget the Christmas ornaments, lest the cats feel like they’re not part of the family come the holidays.

  9. Mar 1, 2011

    No, really. That’s nothing short of awesome. Kudos to Mr. Right-Click.

  10. Mar 1, 2011

    It *is* a cat owner kind of thing to do. I’m sure there are dog owners who do this as well, but it’s got to be more rampant with the cat lovers.

  11. Mar 1, 2011

    Edie does stab my feet, frequently, in my sleep. But Chumchum is the one who looks at you with one eye going in one direction and the other going the opposite direction. He’s more like, crazy but cannot help it, and Edie is evil genius crazy.

  12. Mar 1, 2011

    It’s . . . something, alright.

  13. drhoctor2
    Mar 1, 2011

    I really like it. Style, composition, color..it’s very nice. Pretend they are not your cats.

  14. drhoctor2
    Mar 1, 2011

    What does Mini think of it ?

  15. Mar 1, 2011

    Why didn’t he have sweet Coast immortalized, and maybe Ryan too, instead? Not that Edie and Chumchum aren’t sweet…but they aren’t. And you see them every day.

  16. Mar 2, 2011

    Not sure if I should be proud to disclose this, but I’m a dog owner with more than one piece of custom portraiture (of the dog) in my house.

  17. Mar 2, 2011


  18. Mar 2, 2011

    I have a “friend” with cat portraits on her walls. She also has a wood sculpture of her cat, and the cat’s portrait in sillouhette. Ahem.

  19. Mar 2, 2011

    Mr. Right Click has an excellent sense of humor. It’s not just cat owners though — we know several dog owners with commissioned paintings of their dogs.

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