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Yet Another Facebook Setting You Need To Know About

Yet Another Facebook Setting You Need To Know About

If you use Facebook regularly, you need to know about this new security setting that is being (slowly, of course) rolled out to prevent random people from logging onto your account via a glitch that occurs with shared wireless hotspots.

Beginning now and rolling out to all of the accounts within a few weeks, Facebook will be offering an option to use an encrypted “HTTPS” protocol for logging into your account, a move which will make it more difficult for anyone sharing your wireless network to get into your account.

To choose Facebook HTTPS, you need to go to your Account Settings page and choose the “Account Security” option. If HTTPS is available on your account, you will see a “Secure Browsing” option, and you should click under that. (Caveat: my own profile just showed the option today, but it might require you to keep checking for a while until it is rolled out to everyone). (Via ValleyWag.)

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  1. Feb 2, 2011

    Word to the wise: Scrabble doesn’t work over https, and so when you go to access it, Facebook helpfully offers to turn that setting off again. And then it’s permanently off. Really, FB couldn’t figure out how to turn it off JUST FOR THAT?

    Yes, I get worked up over Scrabble.

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