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Inspirational Conference Tweets Gone Wrong

Inspirational Conference Tweets Gone Wrong

  1. “Choose discomfort over resentment. Unless you can choose comfort, because that is usually the most comfortable option.”
  2. “Those who’ve escaped shame choose rest over exhaustion as a status symbol, or if their credit score allows — a new Range Rover.”
  3. “Owning UR story & loving URself is the bravest thing U will do: leave the real heroics to firefighters, that’s why they are paid so well.”
  4. “People don’t spread ‘meh,’ they spread ‘meh’ created by important, well-known people.” #truthbomb
  5. OMG chills! “Vulnerability is having the strength & courage to experience a full range of emotions in an emotionally vulnerable way.”
  6. “B who u are & say what u feel bc those who mind don’t have their mind on their money, or their money on their mind.” #laidback #ginandjuice
  7. “I would go back to when social media was called TALKING, except then I wouldn’t have a job, or a book, or any more gigs speaking at these lady conferences.”
  8. “People do business w people they know, like, & trust, until they are pushed out in favor of ppl w more connections.” #allegedly
  9. “Most of us have eaten too many cupcakes and not worked out enough fit inside the bio box.”
  10. “Do I know who you think you are? Who am I? Am I the monkey?” #jeanpaulsartre
  11. “You’re 100% responsible for the energy you bring into a room: this card limits our liability, please read it.”
  12. “Hate is a result of THEIR fear of YOUR success; Or, could be a result of your own douchebaggery. Hard to say.”

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Comments (36)

  1. Jan 31, 2011

    I’m not even totally sure if you made them up, because I can totally see people tweeting that crap.

  2. Jan 31, 2011

    I wish I had time to come up with a Blissdom rap, a la Eric B is President.

  3. Jan 31, 2011

    I’ll comment when I’m done blindly RT’ing these pearls you’ve shared.

  4. Jan 31, 2011

    HAAAAAAA. This is better than any of the fake inspirational quotes I came up with. In between calling people douches, of course.

  5. Jan 31, 2011

    I am kind of afraid of the success of douchebags.

    This was so beautifully written.

  6. Jan 31, 2011

    HA! #12 is priceless. Are these all from Blissdom? Some of the things I read on my Twitterfeed made me think, “Man, I’m glad I didn’t drop hundreds of dollars or pimp myself out to weight loss products for the chance to go to Blissdom.” Granted, I love the blogs of some of the attendees, but some of the tweets were less than insightful.

  7. Jill
    Jan 31, 2011

    This right here? Is why you should be queen of the Internet! There was a part of me that wanted to go to Blissdom at one point, but after reading all of last week’s tweets, I’m quite certain that urge will never strike again!

  8. Jan 31, 2011

    Number 11 changed my life. I’m having it tattooed on my ass.

  9. Jan 31, 2011
  10. Jan 31, 2011

    11 & 12, I’m having these read. at the reading of my will.

  11. Jan 31, 2011

    OMG, I was there and this is so spot-on. (I had a lovely time, btw.)

    #4 is a total pearl. I think it could go viral.

    Other things that went viral? Actual viruses! I am on the couch today nursing my Blissdom tubercular consumption.

    Great list!

  12. Jan 31, 2011

    You know, I was willing to accept that Brene Brown’s talk was good and/or inspirational if you were in attendance, but the quotes that got tweeted from it made it sound like the shittiest of self-help pablum. Which didn’t INSPIRE me to attend a talk of hers at any point in the future, which I assume was the original point of the tweeted quotes.

  13. Heather
    Jan 31, 2011

    This genre definitely needs more #jeanpaulsartre hashtags.

  14. Jan 31, 2011

    Hahaha! #3!

    Also, when can we (I) expect an investigative report about the dirty underbelly of this Blissdom history? Not because I know, love, or hate anyone involved, but because I’m really looking forward to that Twitter storm.

  15. Laura
    Feb 1, 2011

    You’ve written so eloquently and convincingly about why it is wrong to give away your talents for free. I’d love to see you dovetail that into what happened with Blissdom. Bloggers need to wake up and realize that business is business. At some point, if the business is successful, someone will be making money. If you don’t state your expectations up front, it won’t be you. When you contribute to a project for free you are saying, “My time and talents are worth nothing except the enjoyment I’m getting out of this.” Good writing is a valuable product. That’s why advertising agencies bill copywriting out at $100/hour. Great ideas are rare and rewarded when backed up with hard work. That’s why creative concepting is billed out at $120-$150/hour. Work means getting paid and protecting your intellectual property. Why is this so hard to understand? It’s not all about being part of a community when money is involved. You can’t serve “community” for dinner or pay the light bill with self-satisfaction.

  16. Damn. I’m kicking myself for missing that conference.

  17. Laura
    Feb 1, 2011

    Also? People need to stop using the fractured fairy tale as a passive aggressive storytelling device. How about this?
    1. I thought this person was my friend and business partner and she totally stole my bliss. That hurt my feelings. Learn from my pain.
    2. Public relations people haven’t quite figured out how to work within the mommy blogging niche. We’re hurt when you say bad things about us. Let’s learn how to work together.

    No unicorns are needed when you tell it like it is.

  18. Feb 1, 2011

    They are not very far off. I went back to the original stream for inspiration.

  19. Feb 1, 2011

    You mean to be coupled with the FLASH MOB that ended the conference? No, I’m not kidding.

  20. Feb 1, 2011

    Well, it will take that long for the wisdom to sink in, I think.

  21. Feb 1, 2011

    Well, there was some douchebaggery going on, that’s for sure.

  22. Feb 1, 2011

    Well, you’re in trouble, in that case. Because douchebags being successful is BIG lately.

  23. Feb 1, 2011

    I’m sure that the speeches were fine in person, but these things are definitely in the “you had to be there” category.

  24. Feb 1, 2011

    I’m sure it is not half as bad when you’re there in person. But without the power of the group experience, it just comes off as totally cheesy.

  25. Feb 1, 2011

    It’s useful if you spend a lot of time valet parking your car.

  26. Feb 1, 2011

    Seriously, that one guy has a gig at every conference! He spoke at BlogWorld, and both Blissdoms. Those are just the ones I know off hand. He’s a marketer. A MARKETER. Not a preacher.

  27. Feb 1, 2011

    That’s good, it will make sure you have all of the bases covered.

  28. Feb 1, 2011

    Oh, I know. I saw the Bloggies nominations.

  29. Feb 1, 2011

    I keep wondering when people will realize that most of the stuff that gets retweeted or shared is done so because it’s meaningless and non controversial. The formula for getting retweeted is to say something that is totally stupid and impossible to disagree with, plus a dash of schmaltz. I think I’m going to be waiting a long time.

  30. Feb 1, 2011

    I figured it was probably fine in person. But retweeting this crap makes it look terrible. It makes it look like a joke.

  31. Feb 1, 2011

    I just don’t know if it will catch on, though — not very peppy.

  32. Feb 1, 2011

    I don’t know, I can look around, and I could offer my own theory as to what happened. But to be honest I’m a little afraid of the Christian Right of the mommyblogosphere. I don’t know if I should go digging around them parts without a bulletproof vest.

  33. Feb 1, 2011

    I actually have something in the works for Personal Finance, because that was my response to the whole thing. It’s unfortunate, and if true it doesn’t reflect well on all the parties. BUT, we haven’t heard both sides, and also, my initial response is, you don’t do work with the understanding that SOMEDAY you’ll be part of a partnership or SOMEDAY you will be paid. When I get a new consulting client, I bill them up front for the work I do because I’ve seen too much of this crap going on in my parents’ businesses growing up. You can’t worry about being polite when it comes to this stuff because the other side will definitely not be polite when it comes down to who is getting paid.

  34. Feb 1, 2011

    Really? I would like to have been a fly on the wall, I think. But I don’t think it’s my crowd. I would have been walking on eggshells the whole time.

  35. Feb 1, 2011

    I think they believe that it’s somehow not as rude if they do that. Drives me nuts.

  36. Feb 1, 2011

    I would REALLY like to hear the other side of that story.

    In my experience, if you work for free with someone for a long time (and have no on-paper agreement) you have to have zero expectations. If your expectations are greater than zero, the odds that you are going to be disappointed are pretty much 100%.

    Also, on the flipside, it’s not a great idea to go into business with people who eschew real, paper business agreements (and real bookkeeping, and other real trappings of real businesses). Those people tend to be bad business partners. Avoid them.

    Either you’re a friend and you’re helping someone in friendship, with no reciprocity expected…or you’re business partners, and there’s paperwork. There’s no third state to be in, really.

    But my opinion might be colored a bit by the fact that I don’t know anything about any of these people, so all I’ve seen is a tale of woe told in fairytale form that makes somebody look bad without actually naming them. I hate that. You wanna call somebody out, you call them out. Or don’t. But can we please make 2011 the year we retire this passive-aggressive fairytale crap? PLEASE?

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