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How To Get More Useful Results From Your Google Searches

How To Get More Useful Results From Your Google Searches

Have you been following the discussions on the interwebs lately about problems with Google’s search algorithims and spammers? The basic argument is (and has been for a while) that SEO people and content factories are creating content at such high rates these days that, for any keyword that is worth monetizing, it is nearly worthless to even bother doing a Google search because all of the top results will be overtaken with spam.

So, what happens is, say you want to do a search on something like laundry machines or whatever, to figure out what laundry machine you should buy. The contention is that entering the information into Google is worthless because here’s what you get:

But . . . if you filter these results by selecting “Discussions from the “more” sidebar, you can get better information:

The results you get this way will be culled from discussions throughout the web about the topic. And at least for the time being, this is still going to be the best way we have of performing things like product review searches, short of going from site to site to perform a search, even if one of those sites happens to be Facebook.

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