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Peekaboo Forest App

Peekaboo Forest App

A few years ago, I featured the Peekaboo Barn App for the iPhone, which is a beautifully illustrated app for preschoolers that teaches them the names of barn animals in English and Spanish. Now there is a sequel from the same development team at Night and Day Studios called Peekaboo Forest, which features the illustrations of Charley Harper.

At this point, I think Mini’s probably too old to be charmed by an app that just shows pictures of various animals and their names, but these are really cool. I’m guessing they look even better on an iPad, too.

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  1. Jan 18, 2011

    Our daughter loves this app. She’s over peekaboo barn now but they also have peekaboo wild which she still enjoys. She’s 17 months. Oh and it looks great on the iPad!

  2. Jan 18, 2011

    aww that looks like such a cute app. too bad i don’t have a stinkin ipad 🙁

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