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Charms For Good Causes By Altruette

Charms For Good Causes By Altruette

If you are both a jewelry lover and a lover of good causes, then Altruette might just be your kind of website. What you do is this: first you buy a charm necklace or a charm bracelet (or maybe you already have one that is suitable to use). Then, you pimp out your necklace or bracelet with charms from the Altruette website that go to various causes. You can choose your cause according to charm or vice versa. For examples of the kinds of causes and charms available, see below.

1. Elephant Charm: African Wildlife Federation

2. Camera Charm: Kids With Cameras

50% of the proceeds from the sales of this charm go to support the charity organization that grew out of the documentary Born Into Brothels (in which eight kids in Calcutta’s red light district were given cameras to document their experience). The charity is now building Hope House, a safe haven for girls from that same district in Calcutta.

3. Dog Charm: The Humane Society

I don’t need to tell you about the Humane Society, do I? They need no introduction.

4. Laptop Charm: Inveno

Inveneo helps to deliver technology and training to more than 600 communities in 23 countries, including many African nations and parts of earthquake-damaged Haiti.

5. Sea Turtle Charm: Sea Turtle Conservancy

Apparently most sea turtles don’t make it past their baby hood on the Atlantic Coast. (But then, what chance do they have — have you seen Jersey Shore?) This charm helps the Sea Turtle Conservancy, which has been working to conserve the population of sea turtles since 1959.

These are just a few of the possibilities, for more, check out the full collection of charms at the Altruette site.

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